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A Loan Management and accounting Software that can be tailored and customized, is affordable, secure, easy to use, and connects your business to nearby customers. It comes with customizable Loan Modules, Accounting Modules, Collateral & Document Management Modules, Payments Modules, and Business Automation features.

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Loan Management

Access comprehensive loan details, encompassing repayment information, loan terms, schedules, collateral items, uploaded files, and comments. Additionally, generate and print detailed loan statements and schedules for your borrowers. Customize loan parameters such as fees, grace periods, and penalties, with the system automatically dispatching repayment receipts to your customers.

Explore detailed charts illustrating the evolution of your loan disbursements and collections on daily, monthly, or year to year basis. Furthermore, gain insights into your financial landscape by accessing cash flow reports and profit/loss statements.

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Why BraveLender Software?

Make it Your Way.

BraveLender Software is an accessible and customizable lending technology that improves your speed, accuracy, and reliability of your micro-finance business. You're in full control. We let you decide how exactly you want the software to work. Start for free or get in touch with our sales team and discover which option is best for you and your business!
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Get More Clients

By using BraveLender Software,you get listed on AfriLending which gives you visibility and access to thousands of nearby clients wanting to borrow.
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User & Admin management

Manage your staff like a bank! You can assign branches to your staff and give them roles such as Accountant, Loan Officer, Recoveries Manager and Branch Manager etc.

Work Collaboratively

Do not let the office become a limitation to your business operations. BraveLender allows you to stay in touch with your company and team members regardless of their location and time. With live and synced data, you will forever monitor, engage and collaborate with unlimited number of team members.
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Powerful loan analytics

Monitor your loans and team performance . Track disbursements, transactions, collateral items, loan statements, overdue payments and more. View detailed, tailored and summarized loan reports, and more.
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Expand Your Business

By using BraveLender Software, you get listed on Afrilending which gives you access to thousands of nearby clients and customers wanting to borrow.

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To make sure we can give you exactly what you need, we expanded our services in Loan Management & Accounting.

Startup Package

$ 25 Monthly / 1 branch

    Features / business use cases

  • Unlimited staff & team members

  • Unlimited transactions & activities

  • Manage admins and assign roles

  • Automated Defaults flagging

  • Add unlimited Loan Products

  • Real-time Loan Management

  • Loan Analytics & Reports

  • Print/export reports and analytics

Business Package

$80 Monthly / 1 branch

    Features / business use cases

  • All in Startup package

  • Get a Custom KYC link for clients to sign up

  • Free weekly SMS financial reports

  • Access customers near you for free

  • Advanced Loan Analytics & Reports

  • Add collateral items & documents

  • Free weekly data backups

  • Free Automated Updates

  • 8/7 Support

Enterprise System

$145 Monthly / 3 branches

    Features / business use cases

  • All In Startup & Business Package

  • Free customizable Branded SMSs

  • Request for customized Features

  • Mobile-Money Payments Integrations

  • Bank Payments Integrations

  • Free website for your business

  • Advanced & smooth system interface

  • 24/7 dedicated Support

Meet Our Partners

Through our partnerships we're able to provide an easy, efficient yet cost saving platform to help you effectively manage your business and customers.